GLOW from the Wellness Lifestyle Brand WOMY, may be the one beauty product your skincare is missing.

If your are like most women you have a day cream, night cream, spf, cleanser, & serum, but the question is: Do you take internal skincare? For most the answer is no which is why WOMY Wellness Lifestyle brand formulated a tea to nourish your skin within.

Glow was formulated by the founder & herbalist, Arienne Allen, to provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients to the skin orally. When combined with a external routine, your skin will flourish.

What makes the herbal tea effective for improving skin?

GLOW tea is organic and packed with nourishing herbs that effective support multiple organ systems in the body. The first major herb in this blend is Burdock Root. Burdock Root is an anti-inflammatory herb known to purify the blood. It was added to this blend to help detox the blood. The second major herb added is Nettle. Nettle is considered one

of the most nutritious herbs in the world. Nettles are high in magnesium, iron and calcium. They are also have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties that allow the body to flush unwanted toxins. Thirdly, the blend has organic rosehips. Rosehips were added to this blend for their high vitamin C content and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C promotes the collagen production of the skin which made these pseudo- fruits the perfect addition. Lastly, the hibiscus flower was an absolute must! Why? It supports your body's natural collagen production, slows down collagen degradation and elastin breakdown, relieves inflammation, speed up wound healing, and it's super hydrating. These are just a few of the main ingredients that make the GLOW tea blend perfect for your skin regimen. Drinking 1-2 cups a day can improve the skin significantly especially when combined with topical skincare.

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