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Im so happy that you are here! My name is Arienne Bussey( Biologist and budding herbalist). At the age of 28, I began to have multiple health challenges all at once. My main issues were poor immune response, unbalanced hormones, and depression. At that time I was working in a pharmacy and I was well aware of western medicine. It just did not seem to work for me. Each of my issues would always come back. I was over the failed attempts and honestly had no desire to continue to ingest something man made in a lab. It was that moment of realization that I began to study medicinal plants. My first addition was turmeric. It cleared up rheumatoid episodes I was having every month. To take care of my depression, I started taking an adaptogen called Tulsi. Prayer and Tulsi truly nurtured me back from a dark place. For my hormones I started taking Vitex, which is a herb often used in the past by Native Americans. With the success of these herbs I started applying plant remedies more and more and I've never looked back since! 

Our Mission

The mission here at WOMY is to help healing beings break generational curses, develop their self-healing rituals, and write their own stories. 

I hope that people begin their self healing journeys and find their unwavering peace. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wellness journey. If you have any questions or feedback email me at info@getwomy.com.

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